Digital Marketing In The Last Decade

Underdog To Unstoppable

4 min readAug 22, 2022
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Digital Marketing has revolutionised in the last ten years. From ‘almost invisible’ to ‘mostly everywhere’ , it has transformed from an underdog to the ‘King Of The Internet’. Kings are rulers, but great kings are leaders that inspire and let people grow. As Digital Marketing has done over the decade. It inspired people on the possibilities and made them grow.

The Underdog

Remember the time when the internet wasn’t there? Yes, you can’t! It has been here and nobody can imagine life without it. However, we can imagine life without Digital Marketing. Our only source of promotion was Print, Television, Radio & Traditional Media. It was only limited to fewer people and only those few became our consumers. Then, someone came in and said, ”There’s a way you can promote your product to the whole world”. And we made fun of that guy, by initially using Facebook, Twitter & Google for ENTERTAINMENT! But, then someone else came in and made fun of US, by TEACHING us about Digital Marketing & WE paid for i. We still pay because we have to! Everyday is filled with new information on the internet, about the internet.

All we pay now for is data, and some online courses on Digital Marketing, so that we get a job in the virtual world. Face it, it’s the past, present & the future. Like when you faced your first ever Hashtag and now, you can’t post anything without one. Hashtags, a whole new market for Digital Marketing. Didn’t you come here, reading this, clicking on #digitalmarketing ? Maybe not, but then there’s SEO to attract you, which is a revolution really. Google made it clear in January 2020- ‘Change Yourself. Change Your Brand, Because we’ll only share YOU once’. So, we did change. From it’s launch in 2010 to now, Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app. It’s an app for a creator, an artist, a business and a platform to earn.

The Unstoppable

The internet today clearly tells you that if you’re a chef you also need to be an influencer, a Youtuber, a fashion icon, a philanthropist and a celebrity with a motivational spirit. Because of the transition of being a ‘No one’ to being ‘Everyone’, we as individuals are ourselves a tool for Digital Marketing.

Sharing news, memes, quotes, videos, thoughts, opinions is an amazing way to express yourself through the internet, and of promoting yourself as a brand without even realising it.

The more we share, the more our brand image is made. You share good things, you have a good image. You share personal opinions, you may get into a virtual war with disagreeing people. We have immense possibilities in the future in front of us. The way we understand Digital Marketing today, will help shape our future.

The game of self-love and life-hacks will be played for eternity, because the personal issues we have today will sell forever. As human beings, we need someone to tell us that ‘You Love Yourself’, ‘Wake Up Early’, ‘Eat That Cake, Or I Will’… Yet, with such compassion around you, you shouldn’t worry about your brand. Worry about the brands YOU choose for yourself. There are applications specifically made for everything we do and there are applications, which are also designed for asking you to stop what you do. They consume you, make you addicted to them and BOOM. You’re trapped, in your head and in life. What do you need now? A Self-Love Training with a Life Coach, who asked you to stop using that app!

Digital marketing has a dark side as well & both its sides are unstoppable. What is stoppable though?

Your choice.

Choosing the brands and the content that doesn’t absorb you, but makes you learn and grow. The real motive of Digital marketing is to tell you that without learning, you can’t have value in life. Choose wisely, grow vigorously.

The Unseen

The future holds a possibility for the internet to revolutionise the Digital Marketing Industry in unimaginable ways. With new job positions, focused on the Digital Marketing Industry, the young minds are learning with the vision of working for the virtual world already. The start-ups are motivated to be digital kings & queens. The creators are hustling for views and follows. The Work-From-Home culture is surfacing for permanence. This is all happening because of the impact of Digital Marketing.

The virtual presence of any organisation is the only thing that matters. The news channels and radio channels are going online with podcasts and videos. The unseen can be seen on a blurry frame, that Digital Marketing is not the future but the present reality & what’s in it for us, will depend on what & how we focus on it today. The current decade will be faster and it will be the decade that will define success based on Digital Marketing.

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