Life In The Capital

3 min readJul 18, 2023

Tier-1 City Life!

Photo by Dewang Gupta on Unsplash

There’s nothing wrong with being content with where you are, but if you have that nagging voice in your head tell you to “just go!” then do it. Comfort zones are, well, comfortable, but they’re also a place where possibilities are limited and opportunities are minimal. Just do it.Elite Daily

It was 2016, when I first came to the capital of India, Delhi. I was moving on from graduation days and from heartbreaks. I hated the city at the time. I felt depressed, as the people around me were actually NOT around me. They were in there own worlds, and I was just starting to know this whole new world I had entered! I didn’t know anything. I had always lived in smaller cities, where people do care about each other, live closer, make plans to hangout often, and don’t treat each other like strangers. So to a young girl like me, this behaviour of Delhites was bothersome. It was rude, mean and not a sign of a good and a kind human being. How naive was I to find out six years later, living in the same city that it was not the people who were bad, but it is life that happens in ways we only learn with time and experiences.

I made a vow back then, that I will never move to Delhi for work. But when God make plans, consent isn’t in command, but command! So, I moved here in the autumn of 2022 to do something I was sure about. Writing.

Since then, I have been to many places in the city, travelled in the Metro, been eating all the good food, exploring all the great city spots, and it has been one of the most enriching experiences ever! Sure, living in small cities is fun, affordable and so comforting, but in a big city, all your big dreams don’t seem so big anymore. Those dreams seem plausible and attainable. There’s nobody to tell you, you cannot do something. Because the fact is, people move to big cities to do something.

I started liking Delhi the day I saw someone helping a stranger. I don’t remember when was it, but it was familiar, comforting and reassuring. Sure, its a love-hate relationship with tier-1 cities and always will be. However, I realised that when I came here in 2016, I was a 21-year-old kid, who didn’t know what she wanted to do in life or where she wanted to go. So instead, I judged people and cities by the covers. Hell, I didn’t even started reading yet! And a random fact is, I read my first book, that made me fall in love with reading in this very city! What are the odds!

Now, seven years later, after experiencing many things, meeting many people and working hard to live in reality and not in the dream world, I am here. I still experience negativity and darkness around me, but that doesn’t mean the light is absent. It is always there, all we need to do, is find it ourselves, by ourselves. When I look at people and the city from eyes of the 21-year-old me, I feel sad for her that she was so unaware. However, too much awareness makes us sad too, and in-between all of this, is when life is happening and we should be ready to grab life whenever we get a chance.

Grab life whenever you can.


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